Saturday, 30 July 2016

'nids part 201 - All the Genestealers [well, almost!]

While I had the 31 Stealers out I thought I'd put them all on my AoP board.

As it happens I seem to have misplaced a dozen or so original Stealers, at least I have 4 in the back ground and I know I have a box of them knocking around somewhere.

So I had to just get on with it as the wife was already looking dubious at my efforts to record everything, not to mention I'm also missing my other Broodlord that Otty has and I haven't swapped out for the one I got in my ebay bargain.

The 'Ymgarl' mutants all had a bit more pink in them than the new ones, subtle differences are now obvious throughout the Stealers in Hive Fleet Gorgom.

Still, the old Broodlord isn't as bad as you would think leading the field. 

Here come the phone pics...

Anyway, hope you like these extra pics now on to my next project.