Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dark Angels - Double Trouble army

Whilst I was taking my To Done! pics of the Ravenwing bikes I set up my Armies on Parade board to take my Double Trouble army showcase pics. Unfortunately I forgot to add the Techmarine as my HQ but nevermind.

 Not a lot to say really, its probably completely sub-optimal but its what I got and the old skool Rhino and Assault marines fits Luke's request to use old miniatures.

Bikes looking tasty amongst the rest of the squad. I can;t wait to have more bikes, I'm loving the Ravenwing now.

One question: do you think I should keep the Assault marines with green bases or re-paint the 'grass' as yellow to further fit my Ferron theme, Luke what do you think?

Looking forward to using them in a few weeks.