Thursday 9 June 2016

Dark Angels - Old Skool Assault Squad Red Planet BASE!

By popular demand I'm repainting the bases on my Rogur Trader era Assault marines. I contemplated going yellow, as the Milliput sculpting is supposed to be vegetation but red was really the only sensible option. Of course this does with the fluff of the Liquid Stone Lava Fields of Ferron Proxima's Vulcan Tundra*. So, Vermilion base, Strong Tone wash, Vermilion dry/wet brush.

First highlight.

Second highlight, with a final highlight of pure pumpkin. I've since added some small amount of Bonewhite chips, there aren't many opportunities for them within the Milliput sculpting but I picked out a few, just enough to tie them to the other Red Planet bases.

While I was at it I did these five bike bases which I've had since May 2011, now you might think from recent posts these are the hurdle I'm overcoming to get the 'in stasis' Ravenwing Knights quickly out of stasis. But you'd be wrong, these are for the six other Ravenwing bikes I have, half basecoated and half not even undercoated, that I reference in the linked post. They're still destined for that role [plus another base that I'll have tomake up when I do the Knights] because they're a fraction smaller than standard bases and I can live with that on a Ravenwing squad but want consistency on the 'elite' knights.

* honest, it's real fluff, I certainly didn't just make it up to justify what I was doing, I never do that! Much...


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, I may actually tweak them a little further - change the skin tones, unify the chainswords and get some suitable jump packs. Kromlech had some that were cool but they seem to have switched to a new design and abandoned the varied efforts they originally made.

  2. looking cool!
    Keep them comming! :)

  3. Seeing Rogue Trader era models getting some love warms my heart. Or maybe that's just the heat radiating off the Liquid Stone Lava Fields of Ferron Proxima's Vulcan Tundra...

    1. Don;t get too close to that Liquid Stone Lava! I like bringing these old skool minis into the army. I mean the new plastics are awesome and much less prone to damage but the lead ones are certainly more forgiving than the pewter. I;ve got some pretty impressive old command squad miniatures that deserve painting, one day!