Friday 3 June 2016

Dark Angels - To Date!

I've had a number of requests in the past to see the entire Ferron Expeditionary Force. As I'd just completed the Ravenwing it only seemed to make sense to throw everything on the table and see what I've actually achieved.

The Bastion isn't complete but hopefully I can get it and it;s twin done before Armies on Parade this year and I'll have quite an impressive looking display of my army.

And who knows what else will be done by then. Fingers crossed I can get the Dark Talon and Knight completed too, although I think it's be pretty disastrous if I hadn't completed at least one of those by September/October.

Ironically I think it's the bikes that are truly stealing the lime-light here.

They really work as my vanguard, I just hope they begin to pay dividends on the battlefield, although they've been pretty good when they weren't even painted!

The Deathwing also look pretty nifty.

Just take a close up look at the front cowl on the bike, the effect is really quite special. For all the challenges and worries this makes it all worth it. Check out the glow effect inside the Plasma Gun too, purely accidental.

Obligatory phone pics.

Now potentially this may be more than 1850pts, which was one of my To Do List goals. What will need to be considered come the end of the Hobby Season is whether 1850pts is the goal or sufficient figures to make an 'effective' list. 

I think so long as I don't rest on my laurels and continue to add Dark Angels so I have options then I may well have met that target, what do you think?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics.


  1. Looks awesome! The detail work and unifying elements really make the army cohesive. OSL is quite nice too!

    I got rid of my Dark Vengeance Dark Angels, I came to the realization I will never actually find the time to paint them... And then I immediately went and bought a bunch of other stuff I have no time to paint. :/

  2. They are looking really well. Well done getting them up to speed chief.

    I imagine you are rather proud.

  3. They are looking really well. Well done getting them up to speed chief.

    I imagine you are rather proud.

  4. Absolutely beautiful force - awesome work all around, man!

  5. Dave, these are lush! I do like the cowls on the bikes, very nice. And the way the knight strides over the background is quite cool :)

  6. It is great to see them all together. They look fab :)

  7. They are looking fantastic! The red Knight Lancer goes really well with them, you have done a great job of taking different paint schemes and pooling them together into a unified force.