Monday, 13 June 2016

Double Trouble

I had an absolute blast at Double Trouble on Saturday. First up I won the raffle, I'm only starting with that as it means it's my blog roll picture. Look what I won! There was a moment where I was actually embarrassed but it was such a cool prize I had to accept. What I do with it will depend on whether Genecult comes out as a Codex or not.

Moving on to the actual event I got paired with some really great people including Rob Hill from 30kplus40kequalsinfinity and From the Fang event organiser Alex for the last game. But I also got to play against Luke Fogg from Darksun Life and meet a couple of other bloggers including Mike from St Andrews Wargaming and folk I've met before, like Ian and my own Battle Brother Dan, who went on to win the award for most Blood Points!

Dan and I from Battle Brothers 2013
The German guys were back again too and I got to play against Hendrik's brother Kai-Uwe. But all the partners and opponents were total gents and hopefully I'll be seeing them again in future. The games were good, but actually the interaction between all four players was the highlight and I think I'll really struggle to do the battle reports, partly because half the time I might not know what my partner was doing but because the people were more entertaining than the little guys we were pushing around.

All that said the venue screwed up, they'd double booked us with a Warmachine weekend 24 hour tournament. So we were in a downstairs room usually used for drama classes. It was dark and the terrain was even more sparse than in the past. The food was delayed too, but the Panini was really good when I got one. Personally those two issues were easily overlooked for me, but Alex was not impressed which may just jeopardise coming back again to the NWGC, which is sad considering it's just had a refit. I'd hoped to be able to report back to my mates how much it had been improved but sadly just the Warmachine players got to benefit, although a weekend of 24 hour tournament, no wonder they got preferrential treatment!

So Alex is potentially looking at another store in Sheffield, which will be where the November event will be held. Which is fair enough, it's more local for him but I'm sure he'll fill us all in as plans get made. The only real disappointment for me was I didn't take any pictures, alright 'selfies' with my partners/opponents. It's the one thing I wanted to do to capture the spirit of the event but just couldn't bring myself to do it, maybe next time. If I was scoring this it'd definitely be a 9 out of 10!