Monday 27 June 2016

North West Open

One of the next tournaments coming up is The North West Open. It's the brainchild of Acefacehickers with the support of Martin from Wargames in Southport.
It's 1850pts Warhammer 40k Tournament using ITC rules. 2 days 5 games. Loads of fun. £60 per ticket price includes food and drinks Lunch time on both days.

23 July - 24 July
23 July at 9:00 to 24 July at 18:00

All the details can be found here:

And Martin posted up this YouTube video of the efforts to prepare it for the tournament ans also so you can have a look at the venue, which I've been really impressed with every time I've been.

Currently though it's unlikely I'll be able to make it. Ironically the most local big tournament ever is taking place when I was actually supposed to be on holiday, 350 miles away in Cornwall! So I was not likely to attend. However, the situation was already in flux as my wife was due to work a shift on the Saturday we were supposed to leave. Now it transpires my mother-in-law is having carpal-tunnel surgery and so the holiday has been cancelled so we can be there for support.

That kind of brings my attendance back into the realms of possibility. Unfortunately as the wife has difficulty changing shifts she may not be able to swap the Saturday out, she would for a family holiday but for me to play toy soldiers, well it's currently a big ask. Bottom line, the event sounds awesome, I'd love to attend and if I can I will. In the mean time check it out

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  1. I was hoping to attend this, however its the weekend after Cally, so trying to get both weekends off isn't going to happen. Does look like a fun tournament though.