Wednesday 15 June 2016

I'm famous, or infamous, which I'm not sure but ask Luke Fogg, he'll tell you.

More fallout from Double Trouble, this time blogger buddy, X-Wing fan and alround decent chap Luke Fogg did one of his vlog's about what went down and somehow I got 'chosed' as the poster boy for the vlog! Do not worry though, unlike my own attempts at vlogs this is not coma inducing. I may well look pretty gormless below but I did not have the sensation to claw my own face off after watching myself, even if I did feel pretty goofy during the interview.

On the plus side you also get to see Chris, who I played against during my second game, Matt who was my partner in the first, good old Henrick from Germany and Mike Corr. In reality with so many of us attending these events who do blog it's becoming more like the original Blog Wars than Blog Wars was thanks to this network of online contributors.

Anyway, if I can put up with myself I think you can too, it's well worth 3 minutes of your time.


  1. I shall have to give it a look see later so.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Dave! I know what you mean, for the first 3/4 times i recorded myself I had the desire to rip my own face off!