Saturday, 19 July 2014

Where's my head @?

Once you get past the vanity/egotist nature of having a blog there are a number of motivators for continuing. The biggest reason could be as archival reference of your progress. A blog is a digital diary afterall and the point of doing a diary is to record what you’ve done and how you felt. Additional reasons include serving your readership, once you build up a bit of a following there is an expectation to continue on, to add more content to gain more readers.

Another reason for blogging, and it’s been quite an effective tool for me, is that it motivates back into the actual hobby itself. Being motivated to blog means I’m then motivated to paint or model. However, I’ve always been open about the pressures that then build up to record progress. It’s been useful for reconciling a lack of mojo and hobby slump but emotionally right now I’m all over the place. Some of my hobby progress is floundering, my Ravenwing are not going well and I’ve built quite a backlog thanks to working on many Dark Angel units at once. The slow progress isn’t helping me feel fulfilled and with my attempts to start my Armies on Parade board, such an endeavour seems huge at the beginning, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Equally though I’m very excited for what is to come but apprehensive about managing to do it without a drama at home, not to mention the cost of doing it [it’s not substantial, £20-£30 tops but somehow this month has become very expensive and I could do without spending anything more].

I have these ‘where’s my head @?’ posts occasionally, I warn of an impending reduction in the amount of blogging and quite often it acts as a ‘penseive’ and I get on and do it. I'm definitely not soliciting sympathy, so please don't feel obliged to respond, this is something I've dealt with before and I'll get over the frustrations again this time. But right now I'm not sure what I’m inclined to do. I’ve had a significant reduction in page views, which as a measure for one’s blogging worth shouldn’t mean a lot, but it does. Granted I haven’t done anything ‘spectacular’ for a while and as I go ahead with my AoP plans there will be some heavy duty scratchbuilding which may bring in new readers. But I have to do the content ‘fuel’ to keep the blog ‘fire’ burning. Part of me wants to take a break and another part wants me to switch to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule another part of me wants to blog every day, but that part has been severeley flogged and ridculed by the other parts.

Anyway, maybe that will help me get my head straight, before you know it I could have tons of content and loads of time/energy to share with you all.