Friday, 25 January 2013

BloodBowl Skaven 3 - all your base...

With all 16 Skaven complete and based there was only one choice left to make - the base edges. Part of me really wanted to paint them in their 2nd edition colours of:
  • White - thrower
  • Yellow - catcher
  • Red - Blitzer
  • Green - Blocker
  • Grey - Linesman
But those rules no longer fit the game, each race has it's own specific types of character that essentially fill those roles but are 'named' something else. In the end I tried three different browns and I've tried to capture the diefferences in the following pics:

On the left is Vallejo Game colour 'Beasty Brown', in the middle a cheap craft acrylic 'Burnt Sienna' and on the end a mix of black and Beasty Brown.

The Burnt Sienna was not even close, stood out too much against the board and slightly glossy too. So it was between the two end examples.

The Beasty Brown was a much more understated fit and helped the miniature blend with the board but ultimately I decided on the brown/black. The end mix was slightly more brown  but I liked the way it had high contrast, like the black edges on the squares. My son didn't agree but like I was ever going to do it someone else's way?

And once again the 'star of the show' - my Rat Ogre. Now to get all the edges done and they're complete.