Friday 24 January 2020

Blood Bowl - Human Team Original Middenheim Marauders - TO DONE!

The #Bloodbowl Middenheim Marauders are complete [#paintingwarhammer], nearly exactly 2 years since I finished building them! For those up on their Blood Bowl teams you will see I have gone old skool, not the black and white pattern of the current Marauders.

 Sport is littered with team or sporting code fractures, maybe these guys split off when the Marauders went more corporate?

I went with the traditional quartered red and white, this is in honour of one of my oldest friends who had Blood Bowl and it was the first GW game I ever played, despite owning miniatures for years before that.

He had 2nd edition and had his team painted in Middenheim colours, so it was only right to tip them the nod.

Additionally, the very miniatures I had at the time, mainly dwarves had shields quartered in red and white so this legacy really runs deep. 

I even used it as heraldry on my Assault on Black Reach Deathwing Terminators.

I tried to play around with their running shoes - clearly some of the players have their own branded footwear. They look a little incongruous, too bright for 'fantasy' football but it was for fun and although it looks odd I can live with it.

They'd have all been TOOO samey if they'd all been kitted out in black boots. I have one further thing to consider - adding static grass. I've never done it before and think it might work out nicely but I'm hesitant to do it given the bases look OK as they are.

I really struggled with the numbers. I tried the black numbers but the number shield halved in red and white just made it difficult to read.

So I filled it in yellow, taking the colour from the cutlasses of the Middenheim Marauders badge. I had thought the shoulder pads would remain black - the numbers were much smaller and much clearer contrasting solely against the white. The yellow might have undermined that but it's consistent across the model.

My three simple conversions to add more variety - I particularly like Joe Mauler in the middle, named after England rugby player Joe Marler and One Eyed Jim [because there's only one 'i' in Jim].

And here's my Big Galactic Stamp of Approval for being a good boy!


  1. Love these Dave really like the touch of painting the boots in different colours and the head swap conversions. Nice one DOC

    1. Wish I'd done a couple of pink ones too, but then some more variety would have been nice in converted poses and head swaps. I fancy a couple of extra Blitzers but instead of the Forgeworld ones I think some of the Necromunda House Escher models would make some interesting female Blitzers...