Tuesday 7 January 2020

Blackstone Fortress - Espern Locarno and Beastmen - bases

Now to follow the Games Workshop #blackstonefortress bases tutorial [#paintingwarhammer]. I have to say these were ridiculously easy to do, in fact the initial lines are potentially good enough in my book.

If you're new to the hobby and worried about basing this would be ideal. It looks cool, it's simple to do and the only real challenge is straight lines... however, this is ideal practice for brush control and improving fine motor skills. If you ensure you use thinned paint you can get the basic lines down and then a second coat near each junction takes it up a level. Drybrush the rubble and it's golden!

Or ramp it up to the next level with some blended slabs.

I think this was Incubi Darkness, thinned very much so your essentially glazing each section but extra coats at one end increases the gradient. Blotchy on places but I can live with that.

Additional lighter turquoise highlight on the junctions of the lines too.

And then a final lighter turquoise, followed by a dot of pure white on each junction and on the base edges [why not?].

Espern Locarno had his cloak done, it's not great unfortunately but again good enough. 

Details next, then varnishing.


  1. Very cool! This is making me rethink my current plan to use some abandoned resin deck plate bases...

    1. The only other challenge is choosing where the lines go and how they intersect. The odd little triangle I added help as a starting point though. Once you've highlighted each edge you paint a line from each corner to the base edge. Then you can branch those lines. Otherwise they're a doddle!

  2. I like this, I might have to steal the process. Thank you.

    1. 'You cannot steal what is freely given' 😉 GW deserve all the credit. As soon as I saw the BF basing style I hoped they'd do a tutorial video and luckily Duncan stepped up! 😁