Friday 3 January 2020

Blackstone Fortress - Espern Locarno and Beastmen - next steps

Moving on with the #blackstonefortress models [#paintingwarhammer]. I added Incubi Darkness to all the clothing, painted the hooves brown and shaded them. All the metals got Typhus Corrosion

Hair and horns highlighted.

I added some further highlight to their faces. I used the first level highlight colour from my Red Planet basing paint-  mainly just to add definition and help the faces from becoming featureless red blobs.

Black armour plates got high contrast highlights. Ordinarily I'd be gloss varnishing these but Liam objects to gloss varnish and definitely when there are also highlights applied... seems my whole schtick is at odds with his 😜 still, interesting to have some restrictions, but I still got my orange grenades in...

Espern got further highlights, I'd originally intended him to be black skinned but a tanned flesh looked  little more in keeping with the whole scheme. I also committed to red shoes. I had a twisted idea that he'd be wearing sparkly 'ruby slippers' just like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Any time he needs directions he just clicks his heels and says 'no place like home'! 😂

The cloak isn't quite getting there but once again I shouldn't judge this until I;m finished. His ruby slippers got some sparkly stippled highlights.

Some minjor details next and bases...

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