Thursday 9 January 2020

Blackstone Fortress - Beastmen - TO DONE!

I manage to finish the Chaos Beastmen for  #blackstonefortress [#paintingwarhammer]. There are definitely some compromises here. I could not fully reconcile the black armour in places. Ordinarily I'd have gloss varnished it, but as I've mentioned Liam is not a fan and ultimately they are his figures.

I was perhaps a little too uniform on the colouring, it might have been nice to mix in some different fabric colours, but that would have required decision making and from experience that causes delays. 

The bases came out soooo well. I added a little more black shading in places to smooth things out and make it more 'blackstone'

The GW tutorial does a 50:50 gloss varnish Lahmian Medium coat for a slightly shiny surface but again no gloss. I think it might have made things a little richer but even if I had been allowed to do it the others wouldn't so it would have looked a little odd.

The little trapped spy lens had a crude red OSL added. Again Tamiya Clear Red X-27 would have been the icing on the cake for me but I had to respect the 'client'.

The hooves and horns came out really well and something new. Alongside the bases this was a couple of new techniques and skills, so although compromises and less than optimal colour choices were made I think I pulled off some nifty new models and had a blast with it.

Still get a Galactic Stamp of Approval though!


  1. Thanks, we've hopefully got a game Friday night so it would be cool to see what we've achieved so far...

  2. Those bases are amazing. I look forward to seeing photos from the game!

    1. Cheers, game might be postponed till Monday night now. I had hoped to try and do a red version of these at some point. I have some Deathguard and Poxwalkers from Warhammer Conquest that I envisaged with a red BF style base. Too many other projects on the go though to suddenly throw them into the mix...