Friday, 6 January 2017

The Great Build part 3 - TO DONE! Blood Bowl Orks and Humans

With my Christmas copy of Blood Bowl I thought I'd crack on and base the Humans and Orks. Now this is definitely a distraction task, not a diversionary task. You see a diversionary task is still something that gets you were you want to be, it may be round the houses but you end up in the right place and things that are not priority but on my To Do List are diversionary. Of course the Blood Bowl guys never even figured so it's just a distraction from those tasks that are on it. That said it's building mojo so can't be all bad.

The Orks too got a sand bath and all the bases got done, It was quite a session to do all 24 bases in one night over the festive period.

But they're all pretty cool and getting them done is another achievement in the Great Build at the very least. I'll get them primed and based asap just so I don't feel compelled as much to do any more [though I probably will!]. 

So here's my Big Purple Great Build Stamp of Approval for the Human Team...

and another one for the Orks.