Friday 17 January 2020

Blood Bowl Nurgle Team - Big Build - TO DONE!

My youngest got Christmas fever. I'm not sure if it was due to his diagnosis at the end of 2018 or just now he's 13 he's aware that giving gifts is something he wants to do personally and not just me buy and gift them to family members on his behalf. Anyway, despite the family ridicule of my hobby he wanted to get me something and had shared with the wife he wanted to explore painting it with me. So I was then tasked by the wife to choose something that I could get that he would then pay for.

I wanted to choose something ideal for the novice and thought Nurgle because if it looks all messy then that's the point! A Blood Bowl team also supplied a number of models, some of them pairs which I thought was great for me painting one and him painting another.
I made a little conversion on the Pestigors, snipped and rotated some of that branching spinal protrusion. What wwas furstrating was that I had a few metal Nurgle bits from a random ebay purchase - some tentacles and a belly. I had thought they could be used to help add more variety but forgot and then made them!
The only other issue was these came with slotta bases but don't have slots! That required cutting an old plastic gift card into 2mm strips and gluing them in place.

This is a WiP test for the bases. I'm going to have them trudging through a tar-like swamp with glossy black 3D texture paint, which I still have to add. The stick thing is from the Beason [witches] broom I got ages ago. Hopefully it shouldn't snap but they'll be painted bleached and stained where the tar touches them.

So I get my Big Build Galactic Stamp of Approval.

Now usually I would do the basing first but the technique above needs to be done last [I'm OK with that]. So I got them undercoated black and then a zenithal Red Oxide highlight. Although looking at these pictures part of me feels I should just go duo-chrome, but first of all it's red [not particularly Nurgley and my Middenheim Marauders are red too] and secondly how do I get my newb-painting son to achieve what is potentially possible from this starting point?

The plan is orange sponge-weathered armour plates, rusty trim, orange boots and gloves with filthy cream trousers and shirts. 

I'm also thinking of a mix of odd skins colours - sickly green, raw and bruised Caucasian, rotting greys and turquoise, maybe even a purple and pink? Can't decide if that's just going to confuse matters or if we just go off the Nurgle Rotters box at least he'll have something to look at and emulate.

There's no rush on these though, I've a hydraulic robot arm to help him build first, that he got for Christmas. It's all on sprues and has an 87 page construction manual! At least him helping to build these with me gave him some experience when building the robot arm, although it's a challeneg even for me so I'm currently doing most of the heavy lifting - hence why we need a robot arm!

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