Wednesday 20 June 2018

Imperial Knight - Warglaives in manufactorum pt.8 TO DONE!

Armiger Warglaives online! I've surprised myself yet again, both with the delivery and execution. There were some doubts along the way with these but I'm really pleased with the results, especially how well they match the other House Raven [Corvus] Cerastus.

I probably need to do a 'family' shoot with them all together but they won't fit in the light box so another time perhaps.

I'm really glad I adjusted the pose. it was not what I wanted to achieve and the greenstuff work was clumsy but thanks to limiting the internal structure to mostly Warplock Bronze it allows the main armour panels to stand out, allowing the hip areas to recede into the background.

Orange glow effects were typically hit and miss, some spot on for my intent some just about glowy enough.

The second Warglaive pose is a little more bent over, it makes the head a bit awkward but presents a different silhouette that really makes it look different, aside from the asymmetry.

Arms are magnetised, so I could kitbash some Helverin autocannons if I was inclined. The torso uses sprue and a 'lock and key' attachment so I can remove them if I want.

Meanwhile the head and Melta Gun are still only push-fit as I can't bring myself to glue them in place just yet [I'm sure that'll come back to haunt me].

I do love this head, interestingly the plan was to go Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 on both heads but the other one I decided to go with glowing eyes because they were so small and helped to make them look bigger and draw a bit more focus. This one had plenty of room just to look like a clear orange lens. So I didn't mess with OSL.

Hatch windows came out well although it's difficult to see the Raven crest because of the reflection. Chipping also looks cool.

On to the white background shots for White Dwarf, although I can't really bring myself to email them. Having never featured in their hallowed pages I feel envious of those that have and it's not a particular trait I want to explore further. 

In this case 'better to have tried and failed' doesn't work for me, 'better to have not tried and therefore not had to question why I haven't got in and others have?'

Like I say it's an ugly trait, petty and it goes against the spirit of it and so I'm not sure I deserve it even if I were to try.

Until I can come to terms with a reasonable rejection as an adult I should probably stick to showcasing on my own channels.

As you can see - glowy eyes.

I even added some glow on the muzzle, which I think works, although the actual eyes highlight is a bit big.

I went a bit overboard on the yellow weed under the slate but nevermind.
I do like this pose as it mirrors the Cerastus in squaring up, braced for impact.

No reflection on the crest this time.

The 'verdigris' on the Chainglaive is a bit more 'paint splodge' than natural weathering but I can live with it.

I do love this head.

And your last two shots...

... until Friday when I'll have a load moar of the filtered ones.

Which means another Great Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval. Granted this was not on this season's To Do List but it is another example of how the Big Build can fast track a model from sprue to completion. For me the building can be very much a challenge. I do like to kitbash but building is only the start of a project and does not fill me with the same satisfaction as painting. Recognising my 'builds' as a legitimate and equally important use of my time has been the best hobby decision I've made. The evidence speaks for itself thanks to those models I've finished after their Big Build.

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