Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Warhamer Underworlds Shadespire Chosen Axes Big Build TO DONE!

Now I know my love for the new Night Haunt models was almost uncomfortable and gave the impression I might want to dip into Sigmar but this is as far as it goes. I'd been mulling over Shadespire and in particular fancied painting something different in between all the things I feel I 'have' to paint. In fact I decided to go with the Fireslayers because there are only 4 in the box and they seemed a little more interesting than the Stormcast.

In actual fact I bought these specifically to paint and sell. I've never done that before. I'm a hoarder by nature so the very thought of selling something I've completed, it's like selling a child. However, I hope this will be sufficient to cover the cost of buying the game itself - even though I'm not sure we'll ever play it...

I really like the box though, and once the models are built they fit right back in too, which is a handy transport system in itself.

They're unbelievably easy to build, three snap-fit pieces for each model - highly ingenious.

I have a rather left field idea of how to paint them. I see them selling from £45 to £70 on ebay, invariably in the standard style on the box. I'll be going a little more left-field just to entertain myself. They might stand out a bit more when they go up for sale, who knows.

They were so easy to put together it feels almost a crime to get a Big Build Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval, but tough I take what I can get....