Wednesday 27 June 2018

Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Chosen Axes Big Build TO DONE!

Now I know my love for the new Night Haunt models was almost uncomfortable and gave the impression I might want to dip into Sigmar but this is as far as it goes. I'd been mulling over Shadespire and in particular fancied painting something different inbetween all the things I feel I 'have' to paint. In fact I decided to go with the Fireslayers because there are only 4 in the box and they seemed a little more interesting than the Stormcast.

In actual fact I bought these specifically to paint and sell. I've never done that before. I'm a hoarder by nature so the very thought of selling something I've completed, it's like selling a child. However, I hope this will be sufficient to cover the cost of buying the game itself - even though I'm not sure we'll ever play it...

I really like the box though, and once the models are built they fit right back in too, which is a handy transport system in itself.

They're unbelievably easy to build, three snap-fit pieces for each model - highly ingenious.

I have a rather left field idea of how to paint them. I see them selling from £45 to £70 on ebay, invariably in the standard style on the box. I'll be going a little more left-field just to entertain myself. They might stand out a bit more when they go up for sale, who knows.

They were so easy to put together it feels almost a crime to get a Big Build Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval, but tough I take what I can get....

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