Friday 8 June 2018

'nids part 257 - Genestealer Cult for Double Trouble 3

It's Double Trouble 3 tomorrow and I thought I'd get my army all sorted and while I was at it take a  few pics on their display board. I might take a few other bits and pieces to make it look a little more interesting.

Acolytes and Magus, obviously not intested in the flyers of the Imperium.

Aberrants and a unit of Neophytes. The second unit of coverted cultist Neophytes are behind.

12 Purestrains for maximum slashiness and a Patriarch.

And lastly my two Scout Sentinels with Flamers.

I'll be cult Ambushing the Patriarch with the Stealers and Magus with either the Acolytes or Aberrants, can't work out which would be best but with 8 units I can only deploy 4 in reserve, that is until they make you use Power Levels to define your reserve - if I was interested in Power Levels I wouldn't be doing Matched Play. So if anyone knows if I'm better off with Aberrants or Acolytes. I think the Aberrants might be better because otherwise they'll be shot to pieces hoofing it across the board but I actually think the 10 Acolytes might be more effective if they manage to close on arrival...

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