Monday 12 March 2018

Goggle Adsense @ 60 - FREE Money!

February marked my third magic £60 mark in my Google Adsense revenue. The first time took four years, the next time it was 9 months [the increase I won't go into for legal reasons ;) ]. This time just under two years which is really appreciated. Coincidentally I also received a Wayland Games Affiliate payment of around 65p through Paypal the other week too. Amazing considering I stopped adding their links on the site years ago!

As I discussed in this post about monetising your blog this is really the only thing I’ll entertain as it doesn’t cost readers of the blog anything. As AdSense is based on each users internet history and preferences, the adverts should be geared to your interests and that way people will click of their own volition because in no way would I solicit clicks. I'm even less inclined to worry about ads as I see many YouTubers using patreon now, which again is fine but not something I want to do at this stage. The blog has always been about helping people out, the last thing I want is followers of the blog  dipping into their own pockets, Adsense achieves that without inconvenience. I know some disagree with them but I don't really notice them on my own blog. Those other blogs I know use them only stand out to me because I know they're there and I want to see if there's anything I'll happily click on to support that blog.

Once again the breakdown of those that have clicked and viewed is quite interesting, I’ve had 3 page views from someone in Grenadines & St. Vincent which resulted in a click. UK still tops the charts [211] with my American friends next, followed by Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain and Brazil. Interestingly even with blog viewing figures of 2015 levels I still made £14 off ad views alone. It might be just 1, 2 or 3p a day but it clearly adds up.

I'm not entirely sure what I will spend my fortune on, quite fancy some of those new mini Knight Armigers that are due to come out. Indeed natfka recently posted rumours of more to come my Knight army is only two models at the moment and I would look to fill out more of house Corvus.

Meanwhile I do actually have some Amazon Vouchers to spend. I'd been saving them since Christmas and together with some on my birthday I can actually get these. That means I can then attempt my kitbash of all the Deathwatch Overkill models using these components while also kitbashing the Flagellants. I'd still need to purchase resin bases and some more bits though and I'm pretty tied up with projects on my 'to-do list' so I'm questioning the purchase at this point.

 It would leave me with some vouchers or I could just blow the lot on another of these:

But that would be another 3 month project that would be delayed by what I already have on my plate. decisons, decisions. Back to AdSense, thanks again for your support we'll see how long it takes next time.

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