Wednesday 21 March 2018

Dark Angels - Tanks - Razorback glazing

With the Samurai complete this was the main project I have that's outstanding, not entirely true as you'll see but the most complete and therefore the easiest to finish. Glazing was the next task and once again I considered using the unmixed Valejo Dark Green but for consistency I resorted to two coats of Citadel's Waywatcher Green Glaze to enrich the Waaargh Flesh.

With the green now correct the next step is to add some shading back in to increase the contrast and bring the dark to my Dark Angels. Now I know this is a one or two session process at the most but for some reason I'm avoiding that next step. I've sepia washes of the bronze still to do, detailing [rivets, badges, purity seals etc], verdigris, some extra highlights of the green and battle damage.

So not a significant amount left - one to two weeks work but I'm just not feeling it. You can see that the two tanks are matching up [the shading will help unify them] and it'll be great to have them both complete.

What I'm going to do is just take it slow. Concerted effort and trying to push through will complete it but I really don't want to end up hating the process. Luckily I have another project just come 'online' I can misdirect with, by doing some base coats and then when the slow progress on the Razorback is eventually complete I can jump whole-heartedly into that.

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