Monday 19 March 2018

Citadel Samurai c1984 TO DONE!

I must confess [I must because it's the name of the blog!] I chickened out over this guy. Flushed with the success and sense of achievement completeing my old skool Predator I was convinced painting this original Citadel Samurai from around 1984 would fill me with a huge sense of nostalgia and pride.

But as the 'Eavier Metal painting challenge deadline came to a head I 'rushed' his completion. That is I didn't do my absolute best and he probably deserved better. Don't get me wrong I think I aced the eyes [for me] but the base, in particular the highlights around the text, the blending on the pants and some other compromises failed to deliver the same feeling of success.

However, he's far better than the original Humbrol attempt I did nearly 30 years ago.

I think the highlights on the skin came out OK too, I tried to paint the lips differently but they came out really odd looking. It actually still needs varnishing and I'll be glossing the scabbard and base.

I even tried to differentiate the hamon of the blade a little, creating the pattern made by the clay that's applied during the forging process. It's not great but I tried.

So another little success and another Great Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval.

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