Friday 8 September 2017

Experimenting with my light box and a camera

You know I said you wouldn't have to put up with any pictures of completed models for a bit... Well, for various reasons I had access to a newer, better digital camera the other day and thought I'd see what it could do in my light box. It was actually what I went on to use for my Genestelaer Hybrid shots to try and make them look a little bit better than the digital camera I usually use. I think the pictures are better but at this stage I was still fidning my feet. I'm a point and shoot guy so this is it with automatic settings.

Perhaps the white balance needs adjusting as the background is still a little grey

But it's not too bad.

Compare that to what comes out of Camera360 on my phone. Now granted I'm doing a fair bit 'post-production' to get that whiteout behind which is in turn brightening the model as a whole. Possibly if there was a middle ground between the two images...

So I tried my Venomthrope in the box

I'm sure I tried to adjust the colours in Picasa [I don't have Photoshop at home] but it's still a bit dull in the background.

Once again Camera360 brings out the vibrancy.

I think I actually prefer this, it speaks to my high contract, saturated appeal.

Epic Reaver Titan, with the best potential wound scoring mechanism not yet re-discovered by GW to sell new bases

I notice that it's also picking up a little blur/shake on it as well.

Whereas Camera360 manages to be pin sharp which seems a little surprising.

The ProtoTervigon came out OK.

But the real advantage to the Sony is it's zoom capability

Allowing me to get really up-close and personal in all the gory details.

These are definitely better picture than my Panasonic camera, although I should have taken some on the Red Planet background. Anyway, it was worth a play around and sharing the pcitures with you all. Obviously it convinced me enough to photograph the Genestealer Cult with it, it's still a learning experience but they're much improved I think, maybe I can finally get something on the GW website?

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