Monday 18 September 2017

Deathwatch! - Pound puppies

The Deathwatch continue, slowly. As alluded to in my last post at certain points I have begun to focus a little on each individual model once shared elements have been done. Amusingly the model I felt most compelled to take forward was the Space Puppy hisself - Drenn Redblade

Coincidentally I didn't even know he was called Redblade when I painted his chainsword. I just figured he was cheeky enough to get away with painting it red because it seems to be a Deathwatch compliant colour but he's doing it for his own purposes.

Subsequent addition of eyes, teeth, black highlights and a tattoo on the side of his head. I looked up some nordic/tribal tattoos and my freehand let me down so bad. Granted these macro shots highlight all my imperfections, I swear his eyes look great when viewed normaly but clearly his left one is way wonky when zoomed in.

Anyway his tattoo was supposed to be three tribal loops, but it's come across more like a crappy Loch Ness monster. On the one hand this is a big disappointment, on the other I find it hilarious that he ended up with a rubbish tattoo, perhaps after a drunken bet :) I also added some gold detailing to his silver arm, looks like I need to cover up some of the paint that bled off the rivets but really pleased and the extra Dark Tone shading on the blue makes it a little more battleword and cartoony which I like.

Some details on the back, yellow string for added showing off by the naughty puppy. I also used some Nihilakh Oxide on his Rune Stones. I;ve no idea what i was trying to convey - glowing stones? Ice? Not quite sure but I really like how this one came out. Fundamentally he is now complete, which feels really cool, I just have to finish the other 12 miniatures.

I've done some additional work on a number of models too, mainly basecoats and washes for skintones. Here's Ennox Sorrlock. I didn't even bother with two thin coats, just the one as I thought the black undercoat showing through added a bit of texture to his skintone that fit the Iron Hands USP. A subsequent sepia/Bloodletter red glaze mix wash gave me the shading I was after.

Rupert Grint, er, I mean  Rodricus Grytt also got his chapter shoulder pad done. Not as warm as I'd like but that's my own fault with starting with Iyanden Darksun and sepia shading instead of an orange. I'm also a little unconvinced of the slight weathering I added as it's too small a space to comprehend that it's intentional, I'm really not that fussed but it's my OCD being picky.

I won't even mention how bad my line highlighting is but my intention is to fix it with shading, still it does ably illustrate that's as good as I get - no Golden Daemon for me ;)

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