Monday 25 September 2017

Deathwatch! - Momentum

I'm having to play some wonderful mind games with myself at the moment where I try not to think too mcuh about what I'm doing lest the whoe project grinds to a halt. Luckily with so many different elements on the Deathwatch I can quickly jump from one part ot another - all the Deathwatch arms for instance where achieved in one sitting and then all the cold trim was added and washed. Some other parts have been less successdul [eyes, damn you!], but despite it all progress has been made and their completion draws inexorably closer. There are still plenty of elemnt to do - highlighting/shadowing the black in particular is a big remaining task, but with that out of the way all the remaining tasks will be many but small and therefore I should be ticking them off quite rapidly

For those wondering about the black highlights, it was this guide recently in White Dwarf that I was looking at. I've not followed it closely but it's a great starting point.

And also why I was looking at yellow eyes.

So I did a Photoshop mock-up with yellow...


and green and ultimately went with the Green. There are currently only 4 with lenses anyway so I really don't need to continue the debate on the subject than the opinions already gratefully received on Facebook, a decision was needed so I could crack on.

And with time so critical I was quite stern with myself to only focus on the Deathwatch and not spend time on the Dark Angel Terminator Librarian... Of course that thought some became the thing I wanted to focus on the most and inevitably painted his armour blue.

And being incredibly weak willed and impressionable I completed the second highlights. It's like in a recent episeod of Taskmaster where they said that if you think the word 'salivate' you automatically do... [your welcome].

And in a completely unrelated note I had the amazing fortune at Chester Comic Con to meet 'my' Bond girl, the awesome Caroline Munro. Maybe need to frame this in the man-cave...

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