Friday 2 October 2015

1500pt battle report - Dark Angels v Nurgle Chaos Space Marines, Game 1

Ben suggested we have a mini tournament the other week, using Blog Wars rules. I managed to get it down to 1500pts for convenience and Ben, Liam, PeteB and myself rocked up to see what we could do.We randomly rolled starting match ups and I got Liam

The low down:
  • Hammer and Anvil
  • Kill points
  • No night fighting, won deployment, elected to deploy second and stole the initiative.
  • Warlord Trait - Ezekiel - Fearless to all units within 12"
  • Psychic powers:
  1. Psychic Shriek
  2. Terrify
  3. Hallucination
  4. Dominate
I set up diagonally opposite Liam, using plenty of cover for my Bastion. This was the first time he'd played the Nurgle marines since our pairing at Throne of Skulls but I wasn't about to lose my Bastion turn one like last time! I did cruise the Land Raider forward, with Ezekiel, Techmarine and Deathwing squad inside.

I wasn't able to score First Strike [kill a unit in your first turn] but I did kill 1 Chaos Spawn.

I also killed a zombie cultist.

But forgot to move my Scouts who were too well hidden in Liam's back field that I didn't see them at all!

Not much happened in Liam's turn. I think he managed to kill a marine, but that was pretty much it.

My turn 2 and my second unit of Terminators teleported in. Unfortunately they deviated back towards my own lines instead of within cover of the trees, still, at least they didn't mishap on the cultists who had somehow become aware of the well camouflaged Scouts in the wood - maybe they could smell BRAINS! The Deathwing were pretty rubbish shooting, even with twin-linked 'to hit' on Deep Strike. I must have kille donly one or two, it was pitiful.

Tactical squad in the tower managed to Kill and wound another couple of spawn.

Hell-flies both turned up which would result in a classic display of Liam's 'bad luck'. I intercepted this Hell-fly with my Quad Gun, hit twice, got one penetrating hit of a 6, then rolled and got another 6 for damage! He is cursed, and then I suggested it might have some daemonic save but if it did it failed and then the only thing that would keep it in the sky was a 3+ roll on the imobilised flyer table which he failed, of course! The only silver lining was the fly was punched out of the air backwards and landed on top of my Deathwing and killed one of them.

The other Hell-fly took revenge by burning out the Tactical squad in the tower.

Meanwhile Typhus and his retinue disembarked from the corrupt Land Raider and would set their sights on the Land Raider. The Terminators who'd just lost one of their number were targeted by the Obliterators and promptly obliterated, even sheathed in Tactical Dreadnought Armour.

Armed with melta weaponry the chaos Terminators made short work of Deathwing Land Raider, reducing it to molten slag.

Luckily all the occupants were too well protected to suffer any harm from the explosion.

With Dark Vengeance™ in their eyes they faced their traitorous foes.

What followed was an epic confrontation with Chaos terminators doing little to no damage on the Deathwing, who responded with killing most of them, the Techmarine finishing them off while Typhus and Ezekiel faced each other. As his traitorous bretheren fell one by one to the Dark Angel powerfists he fueled all his hatred into a might attack, killing Ezekiel, the Techmarine and all the remaining Terminators ro become last man standing but not without taking two wounds from Ezekiel as he crushed him underfoot.

The Chaos Spawn attempted to eat the tower but the remainign combat squad of Tactical marines had properly barricaded themselves in, preparing to seek flaming retribution from the firing ports int he door.

Tyrphus stood over the gore-soaked remains of his guard and the might of the First Legion.

But failed to notice the nearby Tactical Squad who managed to find a chink in his corrupt armour with a sanctified and blessed holy bolt shell. He succumbed to this one wound and fell where he stood, his traitorous endeavours forever to be expunged from Imperial records.

The zombies finally managed to catch the Scouts, killing the sergeant as he tried in vain to defend the corpses of his squad from the cannibalistic hunger of the appproaching horde.

The game came to a close. I'd lost 1,030 points and only managed 300-500 in return. Liam also got Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker so it was a pretty comprehensive win. However, I had to love those defining moment in the game: 
  • stealing the initiative - always makes Liam sad
  • one penetrating hit, one immobilised vehicle, one failed crash test on the Hell-fly
  • Tyhpus losing his last wound to a bolter round
 So, on to game 2...


  1. Great game. The nurgle army is beautiful. Any chance of getting a post up on how your opponent made the hell fly's, and spawn? Would be very interesting.
    Any way the Dark Angels are looking good, need to get your Raven Wing into your force to add some mobile fire power.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Not a problem Padman, he's already covered it for you on his blog here: Pretty much all his recent kitbashes and scratchbuilds are featured there, Hellfly and Chaos Spawn are listed in the labels so you can access the WiPs dead easy :)

    2. Cheers. Will go and have a look. Thanks.

  2. Nice battle report Dave :) thank you!

  3. Dave, as we have said before, the three games we had that day have been the best games in years, we had such a good laugh. thanks for posting.
    Ps I'm glad you like my army Padman, thanks for commenting :)