Wednesday 21 October 2015

'nids part 177 - OHNiOOE- Oh Hell No! its Old One Eye

Suddenly possessed with a need to finish Old One Eye [in case I choose him as my special character for Blog War. I cracked on with the Bonewhite and was shocked how quick it all got done.

I pulled out one of the other Carnifex to ensure consistency but couldn't recall the process being so quick on those. The legs take a while but the rib cage was really quick.

And all that's left is the black highlights on claws and hooves, matt varnish, gloss varnish and then Tamiya Clear Red X-27. Seriously this has gone so quick I'm asking a couple of questions - 
  1. what have I missed? This has taken no time at all, I must have missed something.
  2. why didn't I do this months ago? It was so easy to do and such a quick win!

Sadly, looking at my choices for Blog Wars, I may not even use him! I realised he was just too expensive so I'll probably stick with Deathleaper again and my actual list will be between 80-100% exactly the same as last time. I'm really struggling to do anything kookier than last time. I wanted to reduce the model count - more MCs but that meant swapping out the Manufactorum Genestealers for Children of Cryptus but having asked Alex a couple of questions I realised the army list choices have actually been blown wide open as it now says two detcahments so I could actually run two Flyrants and Deathleaper but I'm just not sure how viable that is. I know the Flyrants are awesome but I still believe it causes problems too as the Flyrants swooping means they're not scoring.

Anyway, Old One Eye is not completely redundant as he will be an extra body on the Armies on Parade board. Fingers crossed I will fit everything on it but this could be the first time everything is shown in one place [aside from the odd model that is incomplete, are 30 genestealers classed as the odd model?]


  1. You can't take the same list as well as the same army come on Dave sort it out.

    1. I've seen other bloggers do it, taken the same list to consecutive Blog Wars. Not to worry it's probably about 65% the same now, double CAD has allowed me to take two Tyrants and I even put in old 'dependable' the Mawloc! No shooting higher than S6 but I've reduced my model count down and increased my MC and Psyker numbers up so who knows what will happen but it'll be fun, might even get Catalyst.

    2. Oh ok I will let u off then I think I've took crons twice anyway what am I on about jealous I think still sticking together and loads to paint nightmare I have 7 tankbustas and 9 warbikers to paint in 2 weeks gonna be busy

  2. My list is about 75% the same for blog wars this year so I wouldn't feel too bad about it :)

    One eye is looking great. Nice progress so far :)