Saturday, 10 October 2015

40kaddict Towers - Inside the man cave

It's been a good few weeks now since the power was switched on and I started to move my stuff into the man cave. Sadly I haven't had opportunity to share the 'finished' results with you yet. This was pretty much after I moved about 65% of my junk into the shed, what's left in the back room has still to be sorted but although the shed look quite full it still needed another sift of what was needed, what could be chucked and a lot of the storage areas weren't filled or had not been optimised to their best. I'm still confident I'll get it all in but there's a lack of urgency now which is a bit worrying. I will endeavour to make the final transition this weekend and remove all my stuff from the back room so we can look at decorating/moving the dining table inside.

I have to say its a very weird feeling sitting in exactly the same environment but transplanted to a different location, it was so odd I asked my son to sit in the chair to see if he agreed, and he did!

So you can tell there's really no room to play a game in here but it's kind of cosy, I just need to sort out curtains or and tweek the door frame so it's more draft-proof. The weather has just started to turn autmnal, I've had a painting session which was cold but the little electric oil radiator I have warmed things up pretty quick. I'm looking forward to the first cold snap so I can see how chilly it actually gets.