Saturday, 14 September 2013

Armies on Parade board - Update

Apologies if there's a sense of de ja vu about this post but after the update there's the actual pictures and I added ALL the figures this time so, why not? Anyway, the clear result was I won! There's my GOLD medallion, I think I'm going to get a ribbon for it so I can 'inspire a generation'.

Sadly I was the only one that entered, the other 2 or 3 people who'd promised to do one had not been able to finish. Luckily the store manager was prepared to let me set everything up and initially implied he'd give me all three medal [I actually think the bronze one looks the best]

Anyway, I stayed for the day, chatted to some parents bringing in their kids 'starting the hobby' then had a 1000pt game with the store manager using the store's nid army and was thankfully beaten by his Ultramarines led by Sicarius - he Coup-de-gras my Tervigon and in the psychic backlash laid down 18 wounds on the sole remaining Termagant in assault. He won 4-1 on kill points.

It was quite sad there were no other entries, I think there's a misunderstanding that it has to be on a battle-board tile. It only has to be a 2'x2' board and my .mdf was about £5. Saying that though the manager did say they'd been told that should someone want a single battle board tile [and they sell the flat ones in pairs] they'd sell one for £30. I guess that's one thing to take into account should you enter next year.

And why wouldn't you? Nothing says it has to be a new army, granted that may be what people do and create a diorama to showcase it but my aim was to create a board that would display what I've done over these past 2-3 years. The figures speak for themselves.

The minimum requirement is 1 HQ and 2 Troops, that's not such a lofty goal and even if you just painted a tile and turned up at my GW today you'd have gone home with a trophy, who knows what was happening at your nearest store?

Anyway, hopefully people will give it a go in the spirit showing off what they've done over the year, so start thinking now.