Wednesday 4 September 2013

'nids part 104 - To done! Plasma Hatchers Mycetic Spores

These Plasma Hatchers scratchbuilt Mycetic Spores finally got their Tamiya Clear Red X-27, I think I may be reverting to my teenage persona and just putting as much gore on as possible. So juvenile!

I really love the way the 'brainy' bits have come out though, they really look like exposed flesh.

And the tentacles too look positively icky thanks to the gloss varnish, must get some more.

Damn that mould line on the the top. You try really hard to get rid of them all and they still show up, nevermind these are only spares.

Yep that's some raw fleshy bits on top.

I think you could get definitely get away with these being Vengeance Weapons Batteries.

The slightly dull side view where I added some extra texture with my rough bone stripes.

And yet more pics, they deserve it, this has been a project over 12-18 months since I bought them.

I wish I'd picked up more of the beggars now, they're actually hard to get hold of and even then not the £2.99 I paid, more like a tenner! May as well look at the GW model IF it ever arrives, although on principle I may wish to abstain.

Anyway, job done!

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