Tuesday 24 September 2013

MOAR from my mate Liam - Helfly 2 - Nurgle Heldrake painting progress

My personal hobby mojo may be struggling but my mate Liam is still knocking things out of the park. Therefore I may as well showcase this little update he shared with me while I try to get my own game on. As you can see his non-metallic metals and faded wings are still featuring heavily on the model.

In truth I do have my mojo bubbling along, just. I'm still very much interested in my figures, I've pulled out the old Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultitsts, Dark Angel Librarian and my Devastators. All I've done is mount the Devs [poorly] on slate and added a Devlan Mud wash to the Cultist bases. It's not much, certainly not worth sharing as there's nothing to see really and therefore my blog schedule has run dry.

I may get some pictures of my Swarmlord Bonesabres up but the big thing is our '4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse' battle is happening this weekend. On Friday, Otty, Liam Ben and I will set up 10,000-12,000pts and then on Satruday at 9:00am battle will be joined. I'm hoping to get some awesome pictures as I'm pretty sure we'll have 99% of the figures painted, Liam's Warlord Titan will probably make an appearance too!

Although I've played a couple of Apocalypse battles this may be the truest experience yet. The ones at GW Southport were a bit hectic, everyone else seemed to know what was going on and I just came along for the ride. The 25,000pt Lost Boys Apocalypse Battle was insane but ultimately I had my little 2,000pts spread out in two areas. I held a corner and caused mayhem in the back field of another. My only other input the game was annoying people by moving their deep strikers around the board thanks to my strategic asset. 

However, in this game there will not be another 23,000pts to hide behind, take up the slack. I'll have my 4,000pts and Otty will have his 6,000pts of nids too, although the latest update suggests we may add a further 2,000pts. Anyway, that's what I'm looking forward to, sadly my painting and modelling just isn't bearing fruit at the moment. Hopefully that will change and I'll have something to share but if not blog posts may be a little less frequent.


  1. Hi bud, thanks for showing my other Hellfly, I'll have to send you some images of the two of them together fully painted. I'm looking forward to this weekend I've spent the past couple of days fixing my warlord Titan after it's little accident at GW with the floor and a small child :)

  2. Also please note that my warlord will be going on eBay in the next month or two, but I don't expect I'll be getting payback to the amount of time and effort but into it :- 252 days 2 hours pay day minimum wage £6.31 = £1590.12
    I be happy if it goes for over £500 :)

    1. OMG [and you know I use that sparingly] we will definitely have to give a big send off at the week end and co-ordinate when the sale is so I can help push it on the blog/forums etc. Are you after that Ultramarines Chapter? ;)