Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Warhammer World - Imperial Fists for Turiya64

OK, here's one for my blog buddy and STC 'guinea pig' Turiya64 he's a big fan of the Imperial Fists so I thought I'd treat him to the Warhammer World studio display.

I really like this Venerable Dreadnought, I thought it was Forgeworld but I see now it's the original metal one that's out of production [OOP as the say]

Some cool looking scouts.

Unfortunately the High Marshall of the Black Templars came out a bit blurred, I know he's not Imperial Fist but 2nd founding so he kinda counts. Anyway as he's the number one figure you see when you browser deletes your country preferences on the GW website I thought I'd capture him for posterity. I appreciate I didn't quite manage that but nevermind it's the thought that counts!