Tuesday 3 July 2012

Warhammer World - Imperial Fists for Turiya64

OK, here's one for my blog buddy and STC 'guinea pig' Turiya64 he's a big fan of the Imperial Fists so I thought I'd treat him to the Warhammer World studio display.

I really like this Venerable Dreadnought, I thought it was Forgeworld but I see now it's the original metal one that's out of production [OOP as the say]

Some cool looking scouts.

Unfortunately the High Marshall of the Black Templars came out a bit blurred, I know he's not Imperial Fist but 2nd founding so he kinda counts. Anyway as he's the number one figure you see when you browser deletes your country preferences on the GW website I thought I'd capture him for posterity. I appreciate I didn't quite manage that but nevermind it's the thought that counts!


  1. It is interesting to see that Warhammer World picked 2ed company to paint the same as I have. Most of the people I have seen take a whack at this army seem to go for the black trim of the 5th company. Interestingly enough I started black Templar's before I switched over to imperial fists(i wanted less melee and a bit more shooting). I believe there are even 6 or 8 of the Templar's around still stashed in the basement. So the high marshal helbrecht is still of great interest to me.
    Thank you very much for showing these to me Dwez.

  2. Take the BTs as allies ;) No worries, they did look awesom and I knew you'd love 'em.

  3. humm that is not a bad idea I was just thinking about my Aduptus Custodies as allies but the black Templar's would be fun as well. There are alot of interesting options out there with the new edition. Sadly I have decided to wait until the starter box comes out to get the new rules. I just cant see paying so much for a book I only really want for 2-3 months. Your idea of getting a fancy one that you could resell later for hopefully full price or better was tempting but my local store sells the starter sets for 25% off retail so I should get the mini book and all the guys in the set for about 80$ and I believe he is selling the current rule book for 65 or 70$. for that difference and with my hobby dollars stretched the way they are(the google adds on the blog don't add up to as much as people might think. what with so few people clicking on them even tho each time you click one its like giveing the blogger a dollar)i just cant bring my self to buy the large book.

  4. Well I was in your shoes in that I was obviously waiting for the box. It seems £200 is the going rate for the collectors edition at the moment. I'm going to wait until the market isn't so flooded so I'll either benefit or not. It should cover the cost of the box set, or Muse tickets [if only I'd known the wife was interested in going we could have got a pair at face value instead of the outrageous prices these scalpers are wanting ;) ]

    As to the ad clicking. I've only just started to sort it all out despite having ads at the side for a while. You're right it's nice when someone clicks through, it's no skin off their nose to do so and I'm really appreciative of it, it'll keep me in paints at least. I've made it a point now to click on ads when I go to someone's page but obviously if I'm reading through the RSS reader then it doesn't show them up.

  5. yeah that is how i go about it for the ads as well if i click over to a blog and read an post if they have ad support i click it and hop back to what i was doing after it loads 2sec "work" for me and some one gets at least a little cash for posting there work and perhaps it makes it just a bit easier for them to post more for me to read later. win win in my book.