Sunday 1 July 2012

My Son's Eldar Guardians

By the time you're reading this we'll have been and gone to Warhammer World and my Son will have been fighting with these or with a secondary Tyranid force, I'm betting the latter. He allowed me to prep all the bases, I've obviously left the Mechrite Red edges as I wanted to ensure they wouldn't be handled if he still had bits he wanted to paint.

I think he's done a decent job, they're much better than my first attempts. My only reservation is he doesn't seem to want to 'take them further'. Y'know, just had a highlight here and a highlight there, just to make them pop a little more and in the process neaten them up. As they're simple Guardians maybe he's right to stop here, he has gone a little further with his 'Diving Eagles' but when he says he's more interested in the painting side of thing and then dismisses an opportunity to improve it gives me the impression he's not really too fussed afterall...

But, they look great as a whole and he has put a fair bit of effort into them so I'm rightfully proud of his efforts.

Here's the support weapon gunner, we need another support weapon but they're expensive on ebay or difficult to get hold of. I'm looking at trying to mount a spare Wraithlord Weapon on a plastic spoon but even a dry fit looks a bit cheap and nasty. I'm surprised those 3rd party figure makers haven't tried to fill this void...

Still to do the face and hair of this helmetless Guardian.

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