Wednesday 25 July 2012

Warhammer World - Eldar

I've still got such a massive backlog of stuff to do it's not funny. I've even got to the point where my seond pair of Hive Guard have just been painted to nearly 80% completion without any step-by-step pics whatsoever - because you've seen it done before and I've got enough to catch up on already. Interestingly I had to paint the legs and torso, then add the rending claws and then add the Impaler Cannons so I could get to all the bits without mucking it up, so it may have been wise to document it.

Nevermind, here are some of the display cases from Warhammer World, all Eldar in this instance - Avatar of Khaine.

Iyanden Wraithguard and Lord for my son.

Blurry close-up of the Farseer and Wraithguard.

Biel Tan jetbikers with the criminally beautifuly thorn patterns.

Eldar Titan - WOW!

Lastly, a whole slew of the many Kabals used in the Dark Eldar Codex.

Hope you got a bit of vicarious enjoyment out of that.


  1. How did you paint the yellow?

    1. Kaden these are all painted by the 'Eavy Metal team at Games Workshop, they probably have a tutorial for Iyanden on their website. My son painted some here:

      It's just a yellow on white undercoat with a sepia wash.