Friday 13 July 2012

'nids part 45 - To done! - Broodlord 2

My second Broodlord and he's complete [except for the Mechrite bit on the base and couple of touches on the bitts on the scenic base, but we'll not mention that].

I may well prefer to use this one in future, he's got the swanky base and the green tongue looks a lot better than his pink tongued brother. 

Interestingly I had a game the other week where the Broodlord bottled out of a lost combat and spent the entire remainder of the game running, Usain Bolt style, across the entire battlefield. Given that his unit was destroyed there seemed no way for him to rally. However, when I consulted the interwebs the following morning I found out that even though the Genestealer is not subject to instinctive behaviour, nor require Synapse they still rally automatically when they enter Synapse! Too late now but it's handy to know that Synapse and the 'fearless' inherent with it affects 'any Tyranid unit'.

And that is the key, not 'any Tyranid Unit subject to Synapse control'. Its another one of those moments [like the Hormagaunts 3D6 'leaping bound' run] that you find another little gem of info about your Codex that you thought you knew already. So I advise anyone to have a quick read of their Codex, you never know what new little rule you may see that you'd missed or misinterpreted or dismissed as not important in your 'then list' only to be relevant in your 'now list'.

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