Monday 9 July 2012

'nids part 44 - To done! - Rippers and a Spore Mine

My fourth Ripper base, my son still has to finish his. I really wanted this one to play with the lava balls so it looked slightly like the rippers were bursting from the ground. Now I know this doesn't quite capture that feel but it's quite different to the other three bases and from a low down level it does make them rearing up on their tails make sense.

Although, whether it makes sense they're gong in different directions I'm not sure. I think it goes some way to implying they've tunneled out of the ground and that's all I want to use it for.


And a Spore mine I had knocking about just finished up.

I really do like these, they're fun to paint but the rules are a bit sucky and the Biovore never really flings enough of them out. However, they do make decent alternative objective markers too. At least that's one things Nids do excel at!

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