Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A year of living dangerously

In my life I've always had an obsessive nature, certain things have owned my attention, firstly Games Workshop but after university and a lack of gaming that died off. Then I found a new passion with my obsession for my favourite band Pitchshifter until they went on indefinite hiatus, there's only so long you can pine for a band in the hope they'll release new material. So my return to kendo took over and for a good few years I was happy until the catalogue of injuries made me think I'd have to give it all up [though that may still happen] and it opened the door, together with my son's interest, to my oldest obsession  and it was then that I realised it was more of an addiction.

So there we go, I've completed the task I set - to try and post at least every other day something 40k [or gaming]  related. There's been ups and downs and hopefully I've contributed to all the true hobbyists out there, not just the ones that GW co-opted the name to use for the people that buy their products, but the ones willing to build and convert and model because they see value in home made stuff. I never wanted to start a blog and then leave it after a few posts. I wanted to add to the community both with items to build on the cheap and old bits from my extensive collection and I think I've received enough positive feedback to know I've done that.

But don't worry, this is not the last of the blog, I will still be keeping my hand in, just not rigidly sticking to a post every other day. It may be longer between posts and there will still be good stuff to share with you all. I still have my Dark Angels to complete and I will post updates of those and the many other projects started on my 'To Do list', but not completed over the coming weeks and months.

With the pressures of life I don't need the added hardship of supplying content when I should in fact be doing the hobby, if you recall I'd had nearly a years head start on my son's 'nids before I took up the blogging side of things so maybe it's about time I built up some more stuff so I can have a better source of material further down the line. Thanks to all those that have stuck with me for year, I'll keep trying to give you something worthwhile but I hope you aren't disappointed with me 'cruising' along, for a while at least. Here's to year two and whatever it may bring.