Monday 17 October 2011

'nids part 26 - DiY Mycetic Spore pt4.

In the end I couldn't wait to get the white undercoat and Wilko's offering wasn't great value so I just went and used my Red Oxide Primer on the Spore. I figured if any of it showed through on the Bonewhite bits it would add to the texture, I'm only going to coat the stuff in Gryphonne Sepia anyway!

I also picked up a craft acrylic paint from the Range as a Bonewhite substitute. With two Plasma Hatchers to paint as well I didn't want to use tonnes of my best acrylic paint on something 'disposable'. I picked up a colour called 'Latte', it was a choice between that and 'Linen'. Linen was lighter and more yellow, latte had a bit more of a fleshy tint to it with Bonewhite somewhere inbetween. With the washes in place I didn't think it would really matter too much but I thought it better to go with the darker shade.

The Latte paint has a very Matt finish so I wouldn't be recommending it on detail work but it had really decent coverage on the Red Oxide Primer, as you can see. Blue chitinous plates ready for washing and the tentacles just need the liver colour added for their correct tone before washing. All this without a new pot of Devlan Mud in sight, how will I manage?

The base has had it's Red Planet base coat of Vermilion and a wash of Badab Black. Next up a Vermilion dry brush and the remaining colours. I can't believe the pace this is picking up. After so long in 'gestation' I'm really getting down to this and reinvigorated to boot. Of course I know the reason why, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise as I've already observed this sensation before. Everything is progressing because I know exactly what I'm doing and the naturalistic elements means I can get away with mistakes. The Dark Angels slog is taking longer because I don't have a complete plan of action and mistakes on the man-made armour just look like mistakes. Not to mention the 'history' I have with the Emperor's finest. Never fear I'll get there in the end with my other tasks.

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