Wednesday 5 October 2011

'nids part 25 - DiY Mycetic Spore pt3.

Immediately you should notice in these pics that Ferron Proxima has had a bit of snow fall. Well not exactly the case, it's just with the run up to the new kitchen certain things have had to go into storage and that's one of them. I may print an A3 sheet just for quick snaps but in the mean time we'll have to make do with this. Moving on, I've used my Terracota coloured Milliput to sculpt some Chitinous plates for the Mycetic Spore.

It's been a considerably long time since I've used Milliput and I recall I hate the stuff on my hands. The chemical reaction makes it hot and it sticks inside all your finger prints so my Mother-in-law kindly got some rubber gloves for this, which have also come in handy when I've been cleaning miniatures. So the Milliput was simply flattened out, I tried a mini rolling pin but it just stuck to it. I used a pair of scissors to cut the rough shape then stuck it onto my Pot Pourri thing and smoothed it with a bit of water, adding marks into the edges with a sculpting tool. Some of the smaller plates on the tentacles aren't so great and I'm sure with a bit more effort, or practice this would have been even better. As it is I think it'll do the job nicely and I thin kthe paint scheme will enhance it further.

The crater base had a coating of sharp sand to tie it in with the rest of the nid bases, the tentacles look a bit too long but as they have a range of 6 inches they're probably a bit short. MOst ikportantly it's progress and on something I am less familiar with which automatically puts it in the difficult job list and so now it's out of the way it's down to painting it. I'mm going to give it a coat of PVA and then I need some white primer. Thankfully, eurocarparts has some white and red oxide Simoniz stock back in, at £3.98 for 500ml with free postage it's the best offer I've found online. However, I'll be in Southport at the weekend and see if I can find any cheaper at the Range or Wilkinsons.

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