Friday 7 October 2011

BloodBowl endzones

It's been a long time since I mentioned BloodBowl mainly because I haven't done anything with it. I have finished dipping the figures in Dettol so I do have a complete Skaven and Elf team with a mixed Skaven/Goblin/Orc/Chaos Dwarf Mongrel Horde, half a Dwarf team and half a halfling side. This was why I prepared these Endzones back when I initially fell of the wagon.

Skaven/Goblin/Orc/Chaos Dwarf Mongrel Horde
My original mixed race good team - Elves/Dwarves/Halfling/Treeman

I made two endzones for my Halfling teams, I'd struggled for quite a while to come up with a good name and like buses two came along at once. I do prefer the Hamshire Hogfeathers name but the Porkbelly Stuffers, typographically speaking, looks a whole lot better. I also tried two types of helmet - the full pork crackling with cloves and a sliced ham. I was happier with the crackling. I need to photograph what I'd painted so far on these as they are very cute - Pink uniforms with crackling shoulder-pads.


So, it's another list of items to add to my 'To Do List'. They should be easy to get done as a quick splash of paint will suffice, when will I find the time though?


  1. They are pretty cool - do you have any custom boards made? Just get one team painted and then get playing!!

  2. Tristan I only have the Astrogranite™ pitch here

    although I wish it was now 'red planet' but I still thing PVA'ed sand is not great for BloodBowl, soo harsh on the miniatures. I should thing about doing custom pitches, I see that as a an item that could be sold on ebay and made relatively easily...

  3. Hi Mate

    How did you do those awesome endzone templates? I would love to do something like that as I still play 2nd edition as well.

    1. Illustrator was the app, what was it you were after?