Wednesday 24 August 2011

Terrain is everything - Vent Tower pt 6. COLOURISATION

The Vent Tower, finally with a bit of colour - Red Oxide Car Primer spraying at an angle can help generate some shadows but as I'm going to be adding more paint it's not essential.

Next up is my old Vermilion art acrylic to highlight, then some black poster paint shading washes to try to tone down the glossy finish to the red highlights. Then perhaps a little paler drybrushing to bring out all the edges. Plenty to do on the arch as it's going to have the same Ver-di-gris effect as my Honored Imperium statue. I had intended for the railings to be a scuffed yellow but I'm reluctant to introduce another colour so I'll see how things go.

Overall I'm amazed to finally get to this point when I think back to all the trials and teeth gnashing over the roof. The first Vent Tower post was in February but as you know most of my blog posts are written long before their posting date so it's a labour that has been long in development. The only things I think it lacks are a couple of dangly lights on it's corners and copper lightning rod strips going down the spires. Oh and how about some more height...?


  1. It's a magnificent piece of terrain. That blend of styles is very 40K, but a 40K spanning the years, and the Gothic, militaristic and functional. At the same time it's unfamiliar enough to be fresh. That's a real talent you have.

  2. Thanks Porky. Once I've finished painting all the buildings I currently have and the new man-made hills I may consider looking at some more traditional straight sided buildings. The current sloped side aesthetic work well in a 'frontier world' but for Cities of Death you really need something straight up and down. Cheers for your support.