Wednesday 17 August 2011

++ Contact 07/89#d ++ Xenos Incursion ++ Tyranid turn 1

My son didn't do too much this turn. The Trygon passed it's Instinctive Behaviour test and scuttled across the back field, not sure hwere he was going but as long as it wasn't forwards it was a relief. The Gargoyle swarm flapped forwards and the Genestealers taking advantage of their fleet rule got as far into the Ferron Bindweed as possible, after running. A few Fleshborer shots were fired but the Terminator armour shrugged off the nasty little grubs without effect.

The Biovore targetted the flamer marine in front of the fence only for the spore mine to deviate. After BS reductions it sat happily between the two combat squads but was not within 2 inches to detonate, those crates came in handy. The Barbed Strangler also fired but deviated wildly without effect.

On to turn two...

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