Saturday, 6 August 2011

My Son's been painting!

You may recall my son's efforts to do some Biel Tan Eldar, a U-turn on his original plan to do them as Iyanden. Unsurprisingly he's U-tuned again, mainly due to his playing Dawn of War repeatedly. Sadly a hard disk failure has removed all his saved games [and mine :( ] but he started painting and he's done it while I'm at work so I've hardly interfered at all. I do get the feeling he's rushing with them, just wanting to get them done so he can buy more figures but am I one to criticize when as a child I could never get any of mine complete?

Of course the wife thinks I'm cringing with disgust at his efforts but really I think he's done grand for nine years old. Certainly for a tabletop level they actually look quite OK, it's only close up where you can see a little more patience and care could make these really good. My only suggestion was to add highlights to his base-coat and shadow wash but he's perfectly happy to treat these as finished so I'll help with the basing and he'll look to some new purchases...

Here's a shot of them on his painting station. As you can see I blu-tacked them to washing conditioner lids. They're an inexhaustible alternative to corks in helping you to paint figures. You may be able to also spot his Biel Tan jet bike and a couple of Guardians that he seems reluctant to repaint as Iyanden, despite my assurance it'll be easy.