Monday 28 March 2011

ebay sales YOU won't regret!

This post is worthy of interrupting my every-other-day schedule You may recall I have mentioned my mate Liam, he of the scratch built Warhound and Warlord fame, a few times. His painting and modelling skills are awesome he admits he's a 40k geek, he scratchbuilt a Warlord for G.O.D.sake but he stops short of a blog so I asked him if he ever had anything he wanted to share on my blog he could.

So below I have some of his magnificently painted Adeptus Arbites and Ultramarine Rhinos but the killer thing is that they are all up on ebay NOW! Starting price 99p and decent postage rates.

Here's the Arbites with some gorgeous 'non-metallic metals, hurry I see these have already reached £6!

"We are the law!"

Here's the full set of four Rhinos being auctioned off individually:

And lot 104 is here:

Of course you don't have to buy you can just enjoy the fantastic quality which my friend is typically modest about and if you dig his work please leave a comment so I can share it with him. Just to whet your appetite for the future he had this to say:
"If you want more stuff I have WIP images of loads of stuff I've made
4 x Scratch built Landspeeder hibreed (fully inclosed)
Scratch built thunderbolt fighter
3 x Scratch built lightnings
Scratch built warhound
Scratch built warlord
2 x Scratch built from GW parts knights Paladin
2 x Scratch built caestus assault rams
Scratch built from GW parts An'ggrath"

So if you like he's stuff hopefully we'll get to see some more quality output. Oh and just a reminder of his scratchbuilt Warhound and Warlord...

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