Thursday 17 March 2011

"bin Trago's"

"A'right me'luvver, I'll be with you dreckly!" As I mentioned the other day I attended a funeral the other week. This is a bit of an odd post, so please bare with me. It's historical indulgence, a eulogy, and a tenuous hobby treat.

The funeral was for my both my sons Godfather. When I was at University [93-97] I stayed with three families throughout my time in Cornwall [one of the families I stayed with was during work placement in London]. The second family I stayed with the longest and as they had a son who was around my age I eventually became more than just a lodger during my stay. Sadly he was killed in a car accident in 1996 and the memories invested in the house his parents lived in was too much so they moved and I ended up looking after myself for the first time in my four years studying.

Anyway I never forgot their kindness and generosity in welcoming me into their home and when my wife became pregnant we asked them both to be Godparents for the 'nipper' and when we were expecting the second child they became Godparents again for the 'nu-nipper'. In all that time they've travelled the 350 miles from Cornwall to Lancashire a few times and we've been down on holiday a couple. Sadly the boys Godfather became ill recently and despite having a heart defibrillator fitted complications set in and he passed away on the 16th of Feb. So we endeavoured to attend the funeral and it was decided that I'd go down on the coach just like I did when I was going backwards and forwards to uni.

It's a 10 hour journey from Liverpool to Falmouth and there's now two coaches a day instead of one but I was feeling many emotions as I travelled to my second home. Not least the sadness of the occasion but also the reminiscing of the journey. The times we've been down since we've driven, so it was a very different feeling. I travelled all day Sunday and the funeral was on the Monday. My sons Godfather had specifically requested no black and although it was terribly sad the colour on show did lift spirits. Beforehand I'd chosen to walk along the beach to collect my thoughts, instead of staring at the walls in my B&B. The weather was glorious, a marked change since the previous week and when he was laid to rest two Air Force jets flew past on a training run.

Afterwards we went back to a nearby hotel for refreshments and I met up with the landlord and landlady of the first family I stayed with, who were close friends of my kids Godparents and then I had a chat with the undertaker and his wife, who were also close friends of my kids Godparents and also the landlord and landlady of the flat I rented in my final year. It sounds odd but it was nice, all things considered, and full of memories of happier times.

As I had a couple of days in Cornwall I had some time on my hands and the choice of staring at the walls or a town steeped in memories and a University open for ex-students to wander up and down hoping to bump into current students and harp on about 'the good old days' was any easy decision. Thankfully I didn't harass any students, I had a nip round the ornamental gardens and took my usual route over to town and the first shop on my way - Trago Mills. It's been between 7 and 14 years since I've been in this treasure trove of craft goods, household supplies, furniture, DIY and gardening and I was desperate to see if anything has changed. I've mentioned Tragos before and I love it, I can't believe it's not spread further than Devon and Cornwall. I could see it doing well all over the country. Anyway, I couldn't help but check to see if they had any of that car body repair mesh and although it wasn't quite the bargain I'd got before, it was practically in the same place and 1 sheet for 99p seemed like a fair price. The Matt Black and Red Oxide spray primers for £2.49 were a bargain! So I had to get some. Thankfully it was the right decision as when I got back home and started the Honoured Imperium scenery I ran out of both att Black and Red Oxide spray primers. "Proper job!"


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss bud. I just attended my uncles funeral this very morning and there was a constant air of laughter during most of the morning's ceremonies. He wouldn't have had it any other way. Lots of stories told between friends and family which is how it should be.

    Nice job on the timing of the purchases and deals too there! ;)

  2. My sympathies to you too. As is often the case you don't realise what you are missing until it's gone. It was an emotional return for many reasons but it was the right thing to do to go and I'm glad I did.