Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Joining a blogging movement - Old Stuff Day

On Valentines Day Robat Warhammer 39,999 suggested we all start a blogging movement to show a little love () for some of our old posts.

So here's one of my posts that I think deserves a little more love via the filthy art of 'thread-o-mancy' my free wound markers [with an update]...

If you've got plenty of high wound characters, or if like my son you are running Tyranids then sooner or later you're going to have to deal with recording wounds. There's a number of options, put a dice down [preferrably a small one], buy wound markes or note it down on a piece of paper. The first two cost money, or are annoying if you're using all your lucky dice just to keep track and the last one's also a pain in the hive mind.

Alternatively you can make your own, so I did. All you need to do is print them out, attach to mounting card, cover in sellotape for pseudo one sided lamination and then cut them out, voila!

You can use the blue markers for your Doom of Malantai, thanks to his Spirit Leech having a maximum of 10 wounds! There's also a few 3-5 wound markers for you Tervigon, enjoy.
Of course you can also use these for your Dark Eldar pain tokes [that's the update].

On top of that I thought I'd resurrect some of these other blogs 'old' articles that deserve a dusting off and a little bit of love  ()