Thursday, 31 March 2011

Terrain is everything - 40k Hex tower 2.

Here's one of my oft delayed terrain pieces. You can probably tell reading through it that there was a lot of improvisation going on and as the piece developed ideas about how to make this even more versatile cropped up, hence the delay because I never got round to creating the STC. I'll get there in the end don't worry but meanwhile you'll just have to enjoy the process and the inspiration.

After I made the 40k outpost, that got bigger and it's attendant tower the next addition to my scenery collection [way back when] was inspired by 'found materials. We get large scale plotter paper at work and these rolls have plastic endcaps as shown below

So I wanted to build a platform based around this end cap, here's the sketch:

A hexagonal base was made and stuck to a CD [no warping card this time]

Then, foamcard was used for the walls and granny grating for the base. A hole was cut in the centre to allow a lift to come up from the base [still to do]

In the process I realised if I split one of the walls I can create walkways to connect more of these babies together. Here's the removable section


I have some different sized end caps which will add some variety and I may add some variety in height so I could potentially stack some of the platforms [if they come without CD bases]. Alternatively the hex tower can fit in the centre, but it'd look kind of odd.

I've still to prepare the walkways but I will be using foamcard and granny grating for the base of those and walls with the same pattern.
Here's the slightly smaller one

A view from above which shows that the smaller printer end cap is not closed, so you get a nice see-thru effect through the granny grating.

A possible layout using the removable wall plates. Still need to complete some walkways but it's quite versatile already, although probably too much for my small table.

Here's a figures eye view showing the completed doors.

Quite a lot of pics there, so I'll post the painted ones another time. As I mentioned before the STCs for these are still in development. I wanted to add an internal hexagonal column that would be the same height as the corner pieces. This would allow the stacking of the platforms. Additionally I have the advantage of the printer end caps, providing extra bits for you to make your own floorplate within the template is another thing to consider. I'll get there though.