Tuesday 15 March 2011

Old Skool Dark Angel Scouts

I promised photo's of this guy way back when. Finally he's got his day in the sunshine, or underneath an angle-poise lamp if you'll excuse the photography.

So this is one of the Advance Space Crusade scouts. I think the rules turned up in a White Dwarf and the were relatively cheap and they got pretty much all the usual upgrades so I wanted to give them Power Shields. Back then there were multiple saving throws, for armour cover and force fields. So if this guy was in hard cover he'd get pretty much three saves [I think] I added thte power shield for even more safety.

To do this I chopped off the combat blade, got a standard WFB shield. This was painted blue inside. Then I got circular bits of aluminium car body repair mesh and bent it round the shield with a suitable 'force' looking orange to yellow paint job. This was stuck to the hand with a las-gun barrel as the shield handle and some suitable electronic circuitry painted on the back.

As conversions go I think this is awful, I have fond memories of it but it's pants, lets be honest. Still I wouldn't change a thing and it's rubbishness can at least be shared.


  1. Okay, why does the power shield look like a giant raspberry lattice cookie?

  2. Because in the 41st Millenium Mr Kipling is the Omnissiah.

  3. I think it's a very clever idea. It would probably also work well as mesh only, with a circular rim from wire, and some kind of generator grip. There's no knocking creativity, and this is that.