Saturday, 18 June 2016

Double Trouble painting competition

Double Trouble Painting competition, I think I got most of the entries but given you could only enter one category there were fewer entries than normal. I think this was Chris Buckle's Imperial Fists who I played 2nd game.

I think this was Matt Callow's army

Liked this Techmarine on  a bike, I need one!

Blood Angels


The runaway winner of best conversions NafNaf's Harlequin/Dark Eldar Carnivale

Award winning objectives!

Winner of best army and opponent in my first game Steve Horne's Ravenguard

Sorry, haven't a clue :)

Rob Hill's Venator  and Dan Wellington's toy robot ;)

Like, totally Tau!

Best character, Ravnguard Chaplain [?]

Kai-Uwe's Dusk Wolf captain.

Matt Grime's Fateweaver [2nd place] and my own Techmarine [3rd]

Enjoy the pics, given the poor lighting I think these came out better than could be expected.