Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Knights

So to treat myself for finishing the Ravenwing I surprisingly did not jump back onto the nids. Instead I made up the rest of the Ravenwing Command Squad/Knights and some mates.

I even magnetised the Standard bearer, mainly for ease of transport but I suppose I could swap another arm in for options.

Here's what I made with my ebay bike. It needed some serious shaving in the seat to make the Knight sit comfortably.

I also needed a fair few Purity Seals on the frotn wheel arch to tidy it up. Also I had to put a small plastic disc sliced from sprue into a gap in the exhaust on both sides, you can just see the different coloured plastic where it fit.

This is a Knight made from Dark Vengeance bikers and Plasma Pistols. These are Space Wolves varieties, those are supposed to be wolves on top but look more like lions to me

I went with the Power Maul, just so I'd have more of the picks for future conversions. The top of the Plasma Pistols where they join where the Bolters where, is a bit ugly but we'll see when it's painted.

The Plasma Pistols work really well and are pretty much the exact same size as the Knights Talons.

With options like this for Ravenwing it;s an amazing opportunity for a cheap army I think.