Friday, 24 June 2016

Dark Angels - Jetfighter - Back in Black!

I've started blending the black into my first level highlight. You can see this has been done on the left side - smooth blending compared to the right wing. It's actually really simple and easy to do, there's just a lot of it on this model, which is why it's a little daunting. The thing is it's not difficult so I'm stunned at how I could theoretically strom through this but the amount is what's hampering progress.

By the end of the evening I'd got the rear wings done and most of the tail section 15-20% of the Jetfighter, so it's not too hard. I also tried a little Dark Reaper highlight on right wing so again it's a simple, enjoyable but large task ahead.

So, to try to break everything up I decided to paint a wing. It was always goign to be red, I pondered bronze but thought it's be a pain and too much. Dark red might be more interesting, as I'd never seen a Jetfighter with red wings. But now I look at it and I'm unsure...

I'm reminded of this:

But it's not really a decision that's at stake it's a maelstrom of thought's, ideas, preferences - could I do this? What about that? Eventually I made a decision [did I not just say a decision was not at stake?]. Rest assured the next post I think is a doozy, possibly Bastion growth pt8. level so look forward to how I took a simple red wing that was supposed to be flat and dark and brooding and painted it into something completely different to my own plans/expectations. You've got to love the unexpected things that happen when you're painting and in the zone.